Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Digital Photography Book Volume 2 Review

I picked up this book by Scott Kelby recently and have found it extremely well written and chocked full of useful tips. This book is a follow up to Kelby's The Digital Photography Book. Volume 2 has all new tips and expands on some of the favorites in the original. Together they make up a great one-two punch for getting to know your digital camera better.

Geared towards people who own digital SLR type cameras it helps you get out of AUTO mode and shows you how to take great pictures. Tips are setup one per page or two and are interjected with Kelby's witty humor. Tips on lighting, how to shoot just about everything. A top notch book by one of the best writers out there.

I recommend not only the new book but also the first one as well.

The Digital Photography Book, Volume 2

The Digital Photography Book

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